Before buying/booking a flat in India one should work on the following points before finalizing their decision

  • Who is the Developer / Builder/ Promoter?Open or Close
    Market reputation of the Developer/ Builder/ Promoter.
    The number of projects that the developer has completed in the past is currently working on i.e. under construction.
    The Quality of the construction , facilities , amenities etc. delivered by the Developer
    The Financial Position of the Developer/Promoter
    The Technical Staffs employed with the Developer
    Discussion with the past customers and dealing with them.
  • Check the Title DeedsOpen or Close

    One should check the relevant documents regarding title of plot on which the building is proposed to be constructed

    The title certification is done from a reputed Solicitor / Advocate and it should be attached to the agreement

    The description of land in detail in the form of schedule in the agreement should be annexed by the developer.

    All information related to the plots/ site should be brought out clearly

    A copy/extract of property register card or other revenue record of the land/plot on which the flats are going to be constructed should be attached to the agreement for sale.

  • Plans/Drawings/ Maps of the Project Chosen Open or Close
    The Plans / Drawings should have approval from the Municipal Authorities / Local Authority and should be shown to the purchaser by the developer.
    The Copy of Commencement Certificate (C.C.) and Intimation of Disapproval (I.O.D.) should be shown to the customers.
  • Area, Number Of Flat, Floor Rise etc.Open or Close

    The exact position i.e. Flat Number, Floor at which the selected Flat is located, Name of Building/ Wing/ Block (alias name) should be distinctly indicated in the body of agreement

    Whether Built-Up Area or Carpet Area of the Flat has been distinctly indicated in the agreement?

    The dimensioned floor plan marking the subject flat should be annexed to the agreement and should be duly signed by developer at the time of execution of the agreement.

  • Nature, Extent and Description of Common Areas, Facilities, Amenities etc. Open or Close

    The agreement for sale should describe distinctly the common areas and facilities (such as entrance hall, foyer of building, compound wall etc.) and limited common areas and facilities (landing in front of staircase etc.), percentage/interest of flat purchaser in common areas and limited common areas/facilities.

    The developer should annex with agreement a schedule of amenities/specifications (type of construction, flooring, doors, windows, sanitary and water supply, electrical fittings)

    The sale agreement in accordance with the conditions laid down by the Urban Land (Ceilings & Regulations) Authorities

  • Payment ModeOpen or Close

    The mode of payment of instalments should be distinctly mentioned in the agreement for sale.

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  • Other ChargesOpen or Close

    The developer should mention in the agreement the amounts payable by flat purchaser on taking possession in respect of legal charges, share money, application entrance fee of society, and charges for formation and registration of the society and proportionate share of taxes and other charges.

  • Stamp Duty and RegistrationOpen or Close

    The Purchaser should be aware of the amount of Registration Charges payable by him.

    The Purchaser should be aware of the fact that the time limit for registering agreement for sale is 4 months from the date of its execution.

    The purchaser should be aware about the Stamp Duty payable by him at the time of execution of agreement

    The flat purchaser should be aware that the registration of agreement in respect of flat purchased from the developer is compulsory.

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