Agrani Infra Royal Membership

What is Agrani Infra Royal Membership?

The best investments are usually those that the masses don't know about. That is because the best investment opportunities are never advertised. This directly translates to the premise that knowledge is the power required for wealth creation.

Knowledge of an opportunity if offered first is the gateway to wealth. Now, comes, the role of the professionals. Like all other fields, the real estate sector too is a subject matter of study and analysis. Our core group is continuously engaged in identifying, strategically earmarking and devising strategies keeping the investor in mind. The touchstone of all our endeavours is to find, develop and market our product keeping the multiplication of the investor's return in mind.

Keeping the importance of the above facts in view we launch projects at sites that are unexplored but have the potential to escalate to prime investment sectors in the near future. The designing of our projects are executed keeping in view the future requirements of the area in which the project is coming up. And our effort is to create the highest benchmark. As far as the facilities are concerned we try to achieve world class designing, construction and amenities.

One other very unique and important aspect of our projects is that we can almost guarantee that the returns of any investment within the boundaries of our project will be higher than any other investment made in that area. This is because after all the construction is completed the value of the land increases and supply is restricted.

And to achieve all the above successfully, investment plays the pivotal role. We believe in "The Power of Investment in the Creation of Assets".

Therefore, we have designed a pioneering concept in this sector where we propose to build a team of members who fuel this process of asset creation and in the process gain from this enterprise. We invite your participation for this programme called "AGRANI INFRA ROYAL MEMBERSHIP"


You will be the first to be able to preview all our Projects long before it is launched or advertised for the public.

• You will be offered discounted rates at the preview.
• You will be entitled to a 5% discount at all times.

In addition, you will be part of a special investor community:
• A Member's Preview of all upcoming projects prior to the Projects Launch, Advertising and Marketing.
• Offer of discounted and most lucrative prices pre –launch to all our members.
• Guaranteed 5% discount on all future investments / purchase.
• 24 X 7 Toll Free Number: 1800 208 8889.
• Free Legal advice regarding all Real Estate related queries.
• Real Estate Investment analysis and consultancy.
• One on one professional help to guide you through your purchase
• Free Passes to all our, Concerts, Musical Nights and such other Cultural Events.
• A social networking community made just for real estate investors.
• Member discussion forums to share ideas, solutions.
• Free Membership to our website, which will have all latest updates in Real sector and Investment Know – How.
• Market your properties for sale in the member forums.
• Other activities aimed at creating and nurturing a bond of faith, fairness and reliability.

Here, we would like to share with you another vision that we have for forming a forum of like-minded and investment oriented people. Investments are a road-map for a better tomorrow. And which other place would be more suitable for discussing and finding innovative ideas for a better Bihar.

"We are embarking on a journey that is paving the way for the Bihar of the 21st Century."

Bihar is to India what India is to the world. The top and bottom rungs of most of the prestigious Organizations and Corporations of the world are home to Bihar's "Brain and Brawn". Our endeavour is to make a valuable contribution to this construction process. We invite you to be a part of this Bihar Success Story .

So if you're ready to finally reach the level of wealth you desire and deserve!! "Agrani Infra Royal Membership" is the place for you to get started.

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