We have decided to build an 'Investors Zone' in all our projects

Agrani Infra Realgain


We, at Agrani Infra Developer Pvt. Ltd., have lived by the principle that no section of society should be left out in the name of affordability. In our quest to offer something to all sections, we have come forward with an option where you are given the opportunity to invest staying within your comfort zone without having to undertake any unnecessary burden. We have decided to build an 'Investors Zone' in all our projects.

We have designed small units which offer investment opportunities to everyone, according to their individual investment strength while still being able to earn equal returns as the big investors.

The options offered by us are multiple and extremely flexible that can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

We have called it "AGRANI INFRA REAL GAIN "options.

Keeping the importance of the above facts in view we believe that we should invest in the Real Estate Sector. We launch projects at sites that are unexplored but have the potential to escalate to prime investment sectors in the near future. The designing of our projects are executed keeping in view the future requirements of the area in which the project is coming up. And our effort is to create the highest benchmark. As far as the facilities are concerned we try to achieve world class designing, construction and amenities.

Why "AGRANI INFRA REAL GAIN" can be better than Traditional Real Estate investment?

Access – Access to markets with better market dynamics than your place of residence

Less Competition – Some markets are very saturated with investors and speculators.

Opportunity – You reside outside Bihar or even India and wish to take advantage of the boom in the local property market and enjoy the chance to reap fast returns.

Diversification – Have the option of investing in a wide range of property types to find the ones that best match your personal requirement.

Supply and Demand – Some areas are property rich and others are buyers rich. You need an expert to recognize the opportunity and synchronize the opportunities together.

Things you NEVER have to do.

• Never have to ever personally meet with a buyer or seller.
• Never have to worry about maintenance and repairs.
• Never have to worry about looking into titles, deeds, etc..
• Never have to worry about or even talk to tenants.
• Never have to swing a hammer or turn a wrench.

Things that are working FOREVER for you.

• Even if you are thousands of miles away…
• Even if you are in a completely different country…
• Even if you've never done a real estate deal before…
• Even if you've been through a ton of research and never reached anywhere…

We at, Agrani Infra Developer Pvt. Ltd. want to bring to you Projects that have been planned keeping tomorrow in mind. Things have been consistently moving in the right direction to improve the state-of-affairs at all levels and in all departments. The political will is beginning to show positive results. But organizations and the people of the state also need to make their contribution.

Agrani Infra Developer Pvt. Ltd. is trying to make its contribution by making visually and infra-structurally better communities and housing areas. We are aware that a large section of the State's population is a 'world-citizen'. They have seen and lived in the best cities and communities across the world. Our effort is to give them an incentive to come back to their roots.

We are embarking on a journey that is paving the way for the Bihar of the 21st Century.

Plots Layout

Type of Plots: Plots suitable for construction of Duplex Row Houses.
Plot Size : 2 (TWO) Kathas or 2722 sq. ft.
Estimated Basic Price: Rs. 520 per sq. ft.

• 15% Extra of the Estimated Basic Price :For Plots with roads on two sides.
• 10% Extra of the Estimated Basic Price :For Park facing plots.
• 20% Extra of the Estimated Basic Price :For plots having roads on two sides and park facing (30ft & 40ft road).

Additional Cost : The cost of diversion fee / stamp duty fee / cost of registration /any other Govt. fees / taxes shall be borne by the applicant at thetime of execution of sale deed as per the applicable prevailing rates.

Plot Allocation : Allocation of plots shall be on a 'first come first serve' basis depending on the availability of plots. Plot number shall be allotted on the receiptof payment.

Details of Plots : Kindly refer to the table for the location of plots and also for the Preferred Location Plots.

Plots with Roads on two sides. 1 2 19 20 21 23 40 41 42 44
61 63 65 82 83 84 86 114 115 116
118 136 137 139 156 157 158 160 177 178
179 181 198 199 200 202 219 220 221 223
240 241
Park Facing Plots. 54 56 58 60 62 95 96 97 135 133
131 129 127 93 94
Park facing and road on two sides. 93 94 62 135 97 95

Site Map

Location Map

How to Reach.....

Project Location: WOODS by Agrani Infra (a township spread over more than 252 acres at Bihta near IIT, Patna).

Facilities Available: Well planned and developed plots of ideal size with 30ft. wide roads, park, underground electricity connections, water supply and drainage facility.

Additional Facilities: Access to all the facilities included in the WOODS Township which includes a Shiv Temple, a Gated community of Farm Houses, Two Club Houses,Parks, Shops, Health Centre, Primary School, Water Park, Amusement Park, Resort and Meditation Centre.

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