Farmhouse city of Bihar spread over 225 acres in Woods



Woods is a Farm House city.

Sprawled over acres of greenery and whispering trees, WOODS is a mile away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet minute away from communities. It is an entity in itself complete with Resort, Food- plaza, Water Park, Restaurants, Conference hall, Children's Park, Meditation Centre and Commercial Wing.

This is the first venture of its kind to be undertaken in Bihar. Our vision was to create a self-sufficient community out of tracts of land and provide our customers with the highest standard of Living.

Your World spreads across acres of lush greens, encompassing the timelines blend of nature, fresh air and greens that the human heart and soul yearn for.

This lifestyle is a fairy tale world. Far from the "Madding Crowd" and the chaos of city life, it is your abode to recommend with yourself in the lap of nature. The entire experience leaves you healed in mind, body and soul. This works as a bridge to fill the gap between the routine city life and your much desired vacation in the quest for peace.

As a matter of policy we try to carve out a niche for all our customers in all our projects irrespective of their economic standing. Here we have live up to our philosophy of reaching out to every stratum. We have planned our Farm Houses to suit one and all, so everyone can share a part of this paradise. You can browse through the different types of Farm Houses offered by us complete with all amenities to decide on the one you would like to own.

We have tried to identify all the areas of concern of a farm house owner.

Primary among them being security, maintenance and up-keeping of your property. We are there to do all this and more.

Maintenance work shall be undertaken as a routine job by our maintenance crew stationed at the site.

The entire area as you will see is hedged and not open. We shall have security personnel managing the entire area.

If You so desire we are here to take all this and more for you for a very nominal charge.

Commercial Hub

All work and no play is not the life that we see for our customers. We believe that a lifestyle is not built with a home; it comes with the quality of life that is enhanced with your living in that house.

Children's Fun Park

Keeping Children in mind we have designed a special Children's Park where they can play to their hearts content! For Children and adults addicted to the rush of adrenalin we have designed a fun park that will enhance your pleasure by giving you special swings and rides that add that "extra zing" to life.

Water Park

We in Bihar have never had the opportunity to sample the wonderful world of Aquatic games and rides that are a rage the world over. So the WATER Park is your chance to redefine your idea of "FUN".

Conference Hall

Crowded cities lack the space and the ingredients that make up for an idealistic atmosphere where a simple meeting is transformed into memorable day. Our Conference Hall aims to do just that.

Food Plaza

The way to man's heart is through his stomach. Therefore, no pleasure is complete without a royal treat for the taste buds and as no two people have the same gastronomic preferences, we plan to have an entire area devoted to the varied styles of cookery, to satiate the hunger pangs of each and every one at the Food Plaza.


Our Resort Facility is a perfect recipe to drive away the Monday Morning "blues" .A weekend getaway is what we yearn for so that we could spread some quality time with our family and friends. Unwinding feels like a necessity when you have to get back to the grind. Come over for a leisurely weekend of "Fun& Frolic" & Lip Smackingfood. To complete the healing process meditate, go for massage and finally "just Chill".


We at Agrani Infra Developer believe that each family is unique. Therefore, we strive to cater to your smallest preferences. Keeping this tradition as a yardstick we offer you different tailormade variants in our plots layout to choose from.

Plots with Central Entry ( As per Vaastu)
Plots with Side Entry ( As per Vaastu)
Plots with/Without Servant Quarter.
Plots with/without closed wall Garage.
Various options for open Land.
Multipurpose Court.
Tennis Court.
Fish Pond
Swimming Pool.

Plots Layout

Floor Layout

Location Map


  • R.C.C Frame structure as per design and specification.
  • 5” thick Brick work with 1st Class in C.M 1:4
Entrance Door
  • Door Frame (Chowkhats) of Sal wood of size 5"X 2.5" section with beading.
  • Entrance door shutter 35mm thick with one side TEAK laminate with decorative beading and finish with polish.
Internal Doors
  • All Internal Door to be 32 mm thick flush door.
  • With two coats synthetic enamel over one coat of Primer.
  • Fully glazed Aluminium/ Wooden with grill
  • Vitrified tiles in the indoor area.
  • Marble, granite, tiles in the common area.
  • Checker Tiles/ Paver interlocking tiles in the parking area.
  • Designer Concept tiles flooring.
  • Working platform – Granite slab.
  • Dado – 30" tiles above platform.
  • Single bowl, Single drain, Steel sink.
  • Designer concept tile flooring
  • Designer concept tiles up to 7 ft. on the wall.
  • Sanitary ware – ISI Mark.
  • Chromium plated C.P Fittings.
  • All the internal wiring in concealed conduits with copper wire
  • Sufficient Light/ Power Points as per design.
  • Individual meters will be provided for all units.
  • P.O.P with plastic paint on the internal walls.
  • Weather Coat Paints on the External Walls.


  • What is AGRANI WOODS ? Open or Close

    AGRANI WOODS is a Farm House city, sprawled over acres of greenery and whispering trees. WOODS is miles from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet minutes away from the civilization. This is the first venture of its kind to be undertaken in Bihar.

  • Where is it located ?  Open or Close

    AGRANI WOODS is situated on the Bihta – Amahara road. It is on the State Highway. A stone's throw away distance from the IIT Campus.

  • Why Bihta ?  Open or Close

    Bihta was the obvious choice to take up a project of this magnitude. Primarily, because we needed large tracts of reasonably priced land that also had the potential to be developed into a satellite township of Patna. Bihta promised all this and more.

    Bihta has excellent connectivity. Due to the topography of the land it has good drainage and so is free from the problem of water – logging. Also the ground water level is good and arsenic free.

  • What is the distance from the airport ? Open or Close

    Bihta is approx. 30 Km. from the existing airport.

  • What is the distance from the railway station ?  Open or Close

    The distance from Bihta railway station is 6 Km.

  • What are the other important institutions in the vicinity ? Open or Close

    Bihta is shaping into the next big destination after Patna. The upcoming projects being undertaken here guarantee that it shall become an important commercial hub. Some projects coming up here are :

    • ESI Hospital
    • IIT Campus 
    • NIT Campus IT Park (proposed) 
    • HPCL Terminal Central Disaster Management Head Quarters & 
    • Iceberg Beer Factory to name a few of the many new upcoming enterprises.

  • What is AGRANI's vision for WOODS ?   Open or Close

    Agrani desires to give all its customers a life of greenery, fresh air, peace, tranquility and fun that is only a short drive away from the work – place. Our vision is to create a self-sufficient community out of tracts of land and provide our customers with the highest standard of living.

  • What are the key features of the project ?    Open or Close

    AGRANI WOODS is an entity in itself complete with a : 

    Community of like - Minded neighbours 
    Food – Court 
    Water - Park 
    Conference hall
    Children's park
    Commercial hub

  • Will each plot be demarcated ?   Open or Close

    Yes. Each plot will be demarcated with wire fencing that will separate it from the adjacent plot.

  • Is the entire area compounded ?   Open or Close

    Yes. Agrani Woods will be a secured and fenced community.

  • Finally, why invest in AGRANI WOODS ?   Open or Close

    Owning a property with AGRANI INFRA DEVELOPER is more than just buying a property. We at Agrani believe and strive for exceptional growth which is apparent in our choice of strategic unmatched locations. We strongly believe that an investment should have the potential to multiply many times over while you enjoy it as well. Investment at AGRANI WOODS gives you an opportunity to:

    live a life of luxury
    enjoy the unmatched facilities of the commercial hub
    watch your investment grow manifold
    while you are required to pay a very reasonable price in comparison.

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